Tribalectro 2012 Sampler-DrivenManila NuBreed DJ Entry

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Dry Martini (Real Club Mix)Raul Rincon feat. Clara Mendes
Flamenco (Jl & Afterman Remix)Cop & Thief
Saint Trumpet (Original Mix)Milkwish
El Cubano (Ian Osborn, Nicolas Francoual & Jeremy Reyes Remix)Rio Dela Duna, Danny Cohiba
Te-kiki (Dirty Pop Remix)Dirty Pop Vs. Scissor Sisters
Damelo (You Got What I Want) (Original Remix)Gregor Salto
Azumba (Gregor Salto Rave Mix)Gregor Salto
Zouk (Thomas Gold Remix)Jay C & Felix Baumgartner

A fusion of world sounds with a sprinkling of electro elements to produce a mix that's truly worldly and astounding. Tribalectro.

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Jul 2012
September 2012
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