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Mixcrate's 12.12.12 Millennium Mix Contest

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Posted by Platurn, November 2012


How to enter:

  • Upload a 12 minute mix created by you via your Mixcrate profile
  • Tag your mix 'Mixcrate12' and make sure that its 320kbps
  • Include a cover that has your DJ name & imagery related to the theme of your mix (bonus points for clean & creative covers)


  • 12 minutes mix (maximum 12 minutes, minimum 11:45)
  • Mix entries must be tagged with 'Mixcrate12' to be entered in the contest
  • Mixes must be uploaded by December 7th, 2012
  • The mixes must be created solely by you. There are no rules to editing so go nuts and be as creative as your DJ brain allows you to be
  • Winner announced on December 12, 2012
  • Judges include: Shortkut, Goldenchyld, & Platurn

Prizes include:


Just added to the prize pack!

HIGH PERFORMANCE PURE AUDIO CABLE OYAIDE NEO d+Series + sticker pack courtesy of Stokyo.com

And the finally goodie, a $100 Acrylick.net gift card, good for anything in their store!

Good luck!


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  1. A moment ago
    Did You Ever Listen To "A Can Of Whip Ass" - Ingredients are layers of music Smoothly Blended Check it out ! http://www.mixcrate.com/sparklecitysounds/funky-beat-down-mixcrate-121212-mix-234737
    December 2012
  3. kingKOALA
    My vote goes to... http://www.mixcrate.com/bliclican/rewind-to-the-future-121212-millenium-mix-contest-238005
    December 2012
  4. Walter Discher Cechinel
    When we'll will know the results?Thanks
    December 2012
  5. djcue12
    when do we get the results?
    December 2012
  6. Double Drop #DnRB
    today is the day....... :D
    December 2012
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