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Mi Gente (Louie Vega Remix, Ivan Diaz Edit)Hector Lavoe
Bonito Y Sabroso (DJ Rip Edit)BENNY MORÉ Y SU ORQUESTA
Danza Kuduro (Salsa version)Javary Elciklon
Vivir Mi Vida (Salsa version)Marc Anthony
We Can't Stop (Dj Man & AG7 salsa version)Miley Cirus
Crazy in Love (Latin Jockey Salsa Remix)Beyonce
Lloraras (Ricky Torres Intro Edit vs Le Freak Selector Step Mix)Oscar De Leon
Yay Boy Remix (DJ Rip Edit)Africando
You Rock My World (Berna Jam Salsa version)Michael Jackson
Brujeria RemixEl Gran Combo
El Preso RemixFruko Y Sus Tesos
Yeah (VJ Ramos Salsa Remix)Usher Ft Ludacris
Get Busy (Berna Jam Salsa Remix)Sean Paul
Me Libere Remix (DJ Rip Edit)El Gran Combo
Marc Anthony MiniMixUNKNOWN
PreciosaMarc Anthony
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NOTE: To our knowledge, this is the first salsa mixtape to be selected as a Pick of the Week. Please show your love of Salsa by hitting the "Like" button, so it won't be the last. Thank you for your support.

Wow, cannot believe its been over a year since I last touched salsa. But I think it was worth the wait since this is what I would consider my 1st true salsa MIX TAPE. Salsa being one of the hardest genres to beat mix, I feel like I finally cracked the code with this one. Like the title implies, contains some reworked salsa classics, and some english salsa mashups. Not your typical salsa sounds by any means. May not appeal to the true salsa fan who likes to hear their jams uninterrupted and untouched. But for those looking for a change of gotta check this out!!!

If you prefer straight up salsa classics, you may like this - The Greatest Salsa Album Never Sold;

Music comes in many different types and styles ranging from traditional rock music to world pop, smooth jazz, soul, bluegrass, house and dance. Some genres are omnipresent and have an opulent history of contribution to new and developing sounds worldwide from established geographical presence to hidden tribes even a cult following or musical roots have encompassed many generations far beyond the 20th century worldwide. The Band of Brothers will attempt to share with you a vast musical collection by our members whom are from all over the World. So, who exactly are the Band of Brothers?

Me....DJ Rip - Boogie Down Bronx, New York

DJ Joe Rod - Bay Shore, New York

DJ Blue Note - Huntington Beach, California

DJ MC Mello - Montreal, Canada

Joey Rubalcaba - Northern California

KiwiDiscman - New Zealand

DJ ExtraMayo - Atlanta, Georgia

Sir J - Houston,Texas

Sit back and enjoy the mix, and be sure to check out the other offerings of the B.o.B;


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  1. A moment ago
  2. Sir. J ♫
    @DJ RIP I streamed this to my friends tonight and you rocked again!
    July 2014
  3. DJ RIP
    @Sir. J ♫ Thx for sharing with your inner circle my bratha!!! Much appreciated!!!
    July 2014
  4. potona36
    Love Your Mix thank you soo much...
    1 year ago
  5. DJ RIP
    @potona36 Much appreciated, and thx for the support!
    1 year ago
  6. nrique
    Love this mix! Definitely badass
    5 days ago
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