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feverthe cramps
feverelvis presley
feversarah vaughan
fevermongo santamaria
feveresther phillips
feverherbie mann
feverjames brown
feverthe hassles
feverpatti drew
feverthe sarah cantine trio
feverquincy jones
feverla lupe
fever (live)frances faye
feverhelen shapiro
feverbobby freeman
feverann margret
fevertito puente & india
feverthe boogie kings
feverthe mccoys
fevertimi yuro
feverotis blackwell
feverlittle willie john
feverjunior byles
feverpeggy lee
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I'm back with another mix dedicated to one single song: “FEVERâ€

"Fever" was written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell. It was originally recorded by Little Willie John back in 1956, although most will assume Peggy Lee's version is the original. A fantastic song recorded by many artists over a span of more than 5 decades, and when I say “manyâ€- I mean MANY!

I gathered nearly sixty versions - then narrowed it way down to my personal 25 favorites. Not an easy task considering the versions I had to leave on the cutting room floor.

I'm sure a bunch of these versions will be known to many- others will surely not be.

So go grab your favorite beverage, kick back, and catch the FEVER!

Listen, add to your playlist, download, “followâ€, "like", and tell a friend! Comments are most welcomed!

Until next time…

Cheers- Beat Stylist

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