Steve Masters Modern Mix 4-30-12

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temple of dreamsmessiah
Hardcore HeavenDJ Seduction
Open Your Mind (Dub Mix)Usura
Pain KillerSteve Masters
Why Not JazzBFI
Timebomb 808 State
Con Spirito CJ Bolland
Somnambulist (Burufunk Remix)BT
Bombscare (Hybrid Remix) 2 Bad Mice
I Need YouSpace_Master
Bathtub Mega MixSteve Masters
Yo Yo Get FunkyVarious
HorsepowerCJ Bolland
Come Get you Some MoreVarious
Way Out Jj Fad

My version of a Steve Masters Modern Mix. Timed around the early 90's this techno/dance music is something you would hear listening to Steve Masters doing his Modern mix show on Live 105 KITS. I don't stay too true, and get my own twist on it, but I think Steve would be proud...


  1. A moment ago
  2. bahalana69
    WOW!!!! I remember d backroom at the EDGE!!!!!
    May 2012
  3. DJ Jeff
    Right on!! I miss the Edge!!! Hey, you might like this, has a lot of Masters in it:
    June 2012
  4. heidiburt
    HI DJ Jeff.....I was a hugs fan of Steve Masters in the early 90s I recorded several mixes ON TAPES...and then went running to them..with my walkman....gasp........I still have the old tapes somewhere....but was looking to find stuff I could put on my iPod. I have downloaded 2 mixes of your so far! Thanks for the music....
    June 2012
  5. DJ Jeff
    Hey Heidiburt! Right on! Yeah, I would listen to Steve Masters all the time back in the 90's too. Great Stuff! If you come across the tapes, let me know, I'll put them on here. I'll be making more Steve Masters Mixes in the near future too! You're welcome, hope you like them! :)
    June 2012
  6. gav
    right on! brings back memories.
    February 2013
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