The Bread Cast Broadcast (Episode 7) 8/17/12

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CovetBeautiful Euology
Rich Man, Poor ManThe Gospel Storytellers
Powerful ParablesChristcentric
The Pharisee and the Tax CollectorTimothy Brindle w/ Phanatik & JSon
At the GatesB-Morr
CypherJovan MacKenzy w/ Christcentric
Take the Mask OffBelievin Stephen
Beautiful EulogyBeautiful Eulogy
Doctor, DoctorPhanatik
Reality RapWes Pendleton w/ Young Joshua & Philly Phien
Turning AroundB-Morr
So Much to SayRedeemed Thought w/ R. Swift
The Inward brother brae
Joseph's StoryBelievin Stephen
Understand (Instrumental beat)Average Joe
Forgiveness (Sermon excerpt)Pastor Eric Hollingsworth
Wait & See (Instrumental beat)Courtland Urbano
Mercy MutualEvangel
Intro, OutroShai Linne
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The Bread Cast Broadcast:

Ministry in artistry. Biblical lyricism blended splendidly w/ hard beats.

Christ-honoring, high quality rhyme theology, whereby the Gospel's preached.

New time slot! The Bread Cast Broadcast airs every Friday, 7-9pm (Pacific time), live from Stanford University on 90.1fm (in the Bay Area) or worldwide at: Tune in for 2 strong hours of radio.

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