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I'm Getting Pissed For ChristmasPeter & the Test Tube Babies
Boner for Christmas‬Nerf Herder
Punk Rock Christmas The Ravers
Jingle BellsTransexpistols
Silent Night The Dickies
I Hate ChristmasSnap Her
Pressure 28Santa That's My Wife
Santa Claus is Coming to TownKilling Kuddles
The Season's Upon UsDropkick Murphys
Happy Holidays, You BastardBlink 182
Grandma Got Run Over by a ReindeerLess Than Jake
White ChristmasStiff Little Fingers
I Wish it Could be Christmas EverydayVicesquad
Merry ChristmasFace to Face
All I Want for Christmas is YouZebrahead
Bollocks to ChristmasThe Business
Another Year on the RocksDown by Fire
Joy to the WorldBad Religion
Christmas, ChristmasMojo Nixon
Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight)The Ramones
Christmas PartyThe Dead Milkmen
Things I WantSum 41 & Tenacious D
Run Run RoudolphThe Humpers
A Merry JingleThe Greedies
Punk ChristmasImpact
There Ain't No Sanity ClauseThe Damned
Making ChristmasRise Against
Christmas in HellPennywise
New TraditionThe Broken Heros
Drinking up ChristmasThe Dwarves
Christmas Night of ZombiesMxPx
Xmas Has Been X'dNOFX
Bowling for SoupFeliz Navidad
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Merry Christmas fuckers

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