Young California Presents: This Clap the Golden State Mixtape

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1.) This Clap Intro (The Motto)2.) Golden State - Bobby Brackins3.) Ass - Kool John4.) Too Short - Vell5.) Bitch Betta Have My Money - Tyga6.) Clap City - Mike Dash E7.) Drop - Smoovie Baby8.) Drop It Low - Arkaydion9.) I'm Good - YG10.) Up Remix - Loverance11.) Work That - Rico Dolla12.) Three Peat - Starting Six13.) Money on the Floor - Too Short14.) Igloo - IAMSU15.) Bounce On It - Loverance16.) She's Ready - HBK Gang17.) Ratchets - Joe Moses18.) Function - E4019.) This Ain't Water - Starting Six20.) Yoko - Berner21.) Faded - Tyga22.) She Got Cake - Kali Kash23.) Wasabi - Roach Gigz24.) Swaggin - IAMSU25.) Main Bitch - Mike Dash E26.) Make It Nasty - Tyga27.) Nothin - E4028.) This Clap - Young Bari29.) Most Outstanding Player - Aka Frank30.) GO - Kool John presents CFOPA


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  1. A moment ago
  2. laraswag123
    why cant i download this as a music file?
    February 2012
  3. carlahrose
    good stuff
    March 2012
  4. iggysmalls77
    awesome bay mix!
    April 2012
  5. Snakeback"7
    Hittin Hard! That shit cray! Big ups!!!!
    May 2012
  6. dj kmel n.c.
    the best
    September 2012
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