Young California Presents: This Clap the Golden State Mixtape

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1.) This Clap Intro (The Motto)2.) Golden State - Bobby Brackins3.) Ass - Kool John4.) Too Short - Vell5.) Bitch Betta Have My Money - Tyga6.) Clap City - Mike Dash E7.) Drop - Smoovie Baby8.) Drop It Low - Arkaydion9.) I'm Good - YG10.) Up Remix - Loverance11.) Work That - Rico Dolla12.) Three Peat - Starting Six13.) Money on the Floor - Too Short14.) Igloo - IAMSU15.) Bounce On It - Loverance16.) She's Ready - HBK Gang17.) Ratchets - Joe Moses18.) Function - E4019.) This Ain't Water - Starting Six20.) Yoko - Berner21.) Faded - Tyga22.) She Got Cake - Kali Kash23.) Wasabi - Roach Gigz24.) Swaggin - IAMSU25.) Main Bitch - Mike Dash E26.) Make It Nasty - Tyga27.) Nothin - E4028.) This Clap - Young Bari29.) Most Outstanding Player - Aka Frank30.) GO - Kool John presents CFOPA


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  1. A moment ago
  2. laraswag123
    why cant i download this as a music file?
    February 2012
  3. carlahrose
    good stuff
    March 2012
  4. iggysmalls77
    awesome bay mix!
    April 2012
  5. Snakeback"7
    Hittin Hard! That shit cray! Big ups!!!!
    1 year ago
  6. dj kmel n.c
    the best
    1 year ago
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