Old School_80's Funk Smooth Groove Vol 6

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Don't Look Any FurtherDennis Edwards feat. Siedah Garrett
Headline NewsWilliam Bell
Looking Up To YouMichael Wycoff
Show Me Where You're Coming FromCarrie Lucas
Can't Hold BackKano
Seventh HeavenGwen Guthrie
She's StrangeCameo
FidelityCheryl Lynn
Falling in loveSurface
This Kind Of LovingThe Whispers
Sho'nuff (Sure Look Good)Julius Brown
Come Let Me Love YouJeanette Lady Day
You Can't Touch Me AnymoreStrike One
Don't Stop My LoveKashif
Give It UpNeddy Smith
You Bring Out The Best In MeAllan Harris
TrappedColonel Abrams
Night RiderMidnight Star
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  1. A moment ago
  2. M.L Smooth
    The tracks alone are awesome, cant wait to hear the mix!!
    September 2012
  3. thube
    Great mix my brother,please give us more
    October 2012
  4. lee1975
    Some great tracks there brother!!! wicked mix..
    November 2012
  5. DJ Ceejay
    Thanks guys !! still more to come
    December 2012
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Sep 2012
September 2012
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