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Everything Ain´t Everythingcool million feat. P.A.C.E
blind paradiseDeborah Bond
Get My Shit TogetherSoulpersona feat. Juliette Ashby
Candy WrapperSoulpersona feat. Princess Freesia
You Will RiseSweetback Feat. Amel Larrieux
Risin' To The TopKeni Burke (OOFT! Long Edit Mix)
More than to meJaheim Ft. Syleena Johnson
Dance TonightLucy Pearl (Soulpersona Remix)
PrideCool million feat. Aaron Washington
That TreeSnoop Dogg (Soulpersona Remix)
Sex N GoDre Rock (Soulpersona Baby Makin' Remix
Walk Awaycool million feat. Eleana
I Still Have YouCharlie Wilson (Soulpersona Raregroove Remix
your the oneDeborah Bond
Joy and PainDonna Allen (Kay's 'The Disco' Extended Edit)
LooseCool Million (feat. Eugene and Dee Dee Wilde)
Give Me My Lovecool million feat.C.J. Anthony
Keep the fires BurningSoulpersona feat. Princess Freesia
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  1. A moment ago
  2. thube
    Great mix my brotha
    October 2013
  3. DJ Ceejay
    thanks bro!
    October 2013
  4. tim1015
    Nice mix Ceejay. Do a Phil Fearon and Galaxy mix as a xmas present for me
    November 2013
  5. Souljuice Radio
    @DJ Ceejay would mind if I aired this and a few other of your mixes on my internet radio?RegardsPaul
    3 months ago
  6. DJ Ceejay
    That would be awesome Paul Cheers!!
    3 months ago
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Oct 2013
October 2013