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Ok.... If you are doing a lot of cardio this mix is what you need!!! I made it for a girl that needed something like this for her aerobics classes... she liked it, was very please with it "but" i never got paid.. :( It's ok i don't mined.... (but yeah i got upset for her action)... now im gonna share it with you .... If you like it .. jts click... like, thats gonna be my payment! It's better than the money. lolAntes de bajar el mix click "like" thank you...


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  1. A moment ago
  2. georgemiagente
    Good stuff bro!!!!!!!!Wife Loves it!!!!!!
    June 2011
  3. Joshuambaga
    wow..can u mix UK TOP 40 into a NON-STOP Aerobics class with 128-132BPM?
    December 2011
  4. Dj Charlie X
    yeah..... not a problem!!!
    December 2011
  5. Gachoki
    was looking for some aerobics music and this is it. big up!
    August 2012
  6. sanjeevbatra
    Awesum!! You Rock Big Time Bro!! Something I had been looking for from quite sometime now. Thanks!!
    May 2014
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June 2011
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