M.A.R.S. Summer Mix 2013 Part 8

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IntroVarious Artists
Rhythm Of The Night (X-Mix Club Classics)Debarge
Never Mind Her (Club Mix) (DJ Dhann Remix)Colors
Body Dancer (Madonna Go Girl Edit) (DJ Dhann Remix)Magic Fire
Drives Me Crazy (I Love Disco Diamonds)Peter Jacques Band
Step By Step (I Love Disco Diamonds)Silver Pozzoli
Swiss Boy (PCD Edit) (DJ Dhann Remix)Lou Sern
A Dream (Dumio) (CeCe Edit) (Intro Clean) (DJ Dhann Remix)Robert Grace
Let's Go (DJ Dhann Remix)Wang Chung
Tonight (Break Mix)Ken Laszlo
Don't Cry (DJ Dhann Remix)Ken Laszlo
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (X-Mix Club Classics)Whitney Houston
Manic Monday (DJ Dhann Remix)Bangles
Lost In Emotion (Digitraxx)Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
Fresh (PARTYUP-1.0 Clean) (Sounds For The People)Kool & The Gang
Conga (X-Mix Club Classics)Miami Sound Machine
Self Control (Ultimix Back Spins)Laura Branigan
Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) (X-Mix Club Classics)Billy Ocean
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If you like what Im doing buy the original. Lets support The Artist & Record Labels who give us this wonderful music. More Power To This Industry!

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  1. A moment ago
  2. June 2013
  3. kooleet15
    Syempre mag aadik ulit ako d2, Boss, diba? :-P
    June 2013
  4. Mixset Air Remix Station
    hahaha...go ahead....lolz
    June 2013
  5. tuksi
    from the top to the bottom AMAZING... THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
    September 2014
  6. ryanpareja03
    sir thankzz.....
    11 months ago
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May 2013
June 2013
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