Slowjam Mega Mix by DJ OPUS

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I had it for several years now, but never knew who did it, it is one of the best slow song mix I ever heard, props to who ever the creator is.


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  1. A moment ago
  2. tvn
    October 2013
  3. DJ Ray The Doc Viray
    Just want to clarify, I did not do this mix, please read the entire title, I did mention DJ Opus created this classic / sick creation!
    February 2014
  4. lalajoy26
    Ive been searching for this FOREVER since I lost my CD!How can I download this?! :)
    September 2014
  5. jedimindtricksws
    where to download?
    1 year ago
  6. geemoney
    I've had this mix for so many years in so many different formats, i.e., cassette, CD, WAV, MP3... then some jerk-off broke into my spot and stole everything... especially this mix. I'm just so happy you (DJ Ray The Doc Viray) posted this on mixcrate. Thank you, bro... And thank you, DJ Opus for creating this mix, man... it epitomizes my life.
    7 months ago
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