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Yes I canGerald Albright and Norman Brown
Morning After3rd Sun
Into the NightUrban Jazz Coalition
Stealing HeartsAcoustic Alchemy
Another Love SeasonAlex Bugnon
Passion SunriseArt Portor Jr.
If EverPeter White
Perfect NitesNajee
I DoYellowjackets
Warm RainWarren Hill
In LoveWayman Tisdale
More Precious Than GoldVinx
Special PlaceMaysa
A Groovy Kind of LovePhil Collins
On my way Home to youMichael Franks
Pieces of MeLedisi
The PromiseKenny G
Song for ElizabethJonathan Butler and Dave Grusin
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This is the Smooth Jazz Lounge. Please enjoy!


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  1. A moment ago
  2. djextramayo
    Thank you DJ Toneman!!!
    September 2012
  3. djextramayo
    I am glad you enjoyed Kaks!!!!
    September 2012
  4. dj Blue Note
    Dj Extra Mayo...Cool stuff pal, thank you.
    September 2012
  5. djextramayo
    Thanks Dj Blue Note! We need to hold this thing together!!! Smooth Jazz must live on!!!
    September 2012
  6. mrward6
    Dj Extra Mayo, Thank You So Very Much you make hosting gatherings that much easier for me with your great Mixes. :)
    April 2013
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