Enigma Mobile's 4th Session @ 89.1 DMZ's MOBILE CIRCUIT Part 1

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This is Part 1 of the ENIGMA MOBILE's 4th Session mixes @89.1 DMZ's Mobile Cuircuit every Fridays during the radio station's run in the 90's...Pls pardon some technical glitch in the earlier part...Can't stop having these problems during live mixing and broadcast...Hope you'll enjoy! Keep music alive DJs! :) Pls email us for enquiries on Enigma Mobile- noelremix8@yahoo.com/aldrin_djyo@yahoo.comPEACE!


  1. A moment ago
  2. Tranc3r
    aus to sir from tape po ba to
    July 2011
  3. DJKewe
    Yes DJ Reyn...Di pa kasi masyado uso nung time na yun ang CD recording eh..Hehe..Hope you enjoy the mixing!Peace! :)
    July 2011
  4. colbatitong
    Ang Galing :-)
    September 2011
  5. DjGaNi
    Galing bro...buti my copy kapa ng mobile circuit nyo..Nakarami din kyo ng salang dun..skin wala na ,binaha na..hehehehe.. nkaka miss ang Mobile circuit..more power to Enigma !
    May 2012
  6. lenmarcmanuel26
    Nakaka mis ang mobile circuit...naaalala ko tuloy nasa infiniti mobile pako.nakarami kau ahh kami 2 set lang.sana maalala ko ni dj outch...inaway kaya ako nun..di nya matanggap.nabasag ko plaka nya.peace na tayo dj outch.
    9 months ago
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