Stucked to the 70's

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Sin's a Good Man's BrotherGrand Funk Railroad
Dreams of Milk and HoneyMountain
I Don't Live Today Jimi Hendrix
House of TournaboutEdgar Broughton Band
Mean Woman (If you ever blues)Black Oak Arkansas
Gypsy EyesJimi Hendrix
Evil Howlin' Wolf
CrossroadsEric Clapton
Don't Want You No MoreAllman Brothers
Woman You Need LoveKilling Floor
LaundromatRory Gallagher
Mellow Down EasyCactus
Mean Town BluesJohnny Winter

Heavy blues and psychedelic rock with some rare tracks from the late 60s and early 70s.


  1. A moment ago
  2. dj NickZ
    I didn't touch the speed of the Johnny Winter's song. This is the normal speed of the track!
    September 2012
  3. September 2012
  4. Tobolino
    Every your selection is better than the one before! Many thanks for this, I'm eager to listen the next one ;) You definitely should think to do something with Wilson Pickett and Rufus Thomas and maybe Fela Kuti ;)
    September 2012
  5. dj NickZ
    Thanx both of you. I 'm considering your suggestions Tobolino and I will come back.
    September 2012
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