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Traffic BlockingGeneral Degree
Hot This YearDirtsman
Limb By LimbCutty Ranks
No Second ClassNadine Sutherland
Strange ThingsMr. Easy ft Baby Cham
Silent ViolenceBeenie Man
Yuh Nuh ReadyTanya Stephens
InfiltrateSean Paul
Nike AirMr. Vegas
Everyone Falls In LoveTanto Metro and Devonte
Do You Wanna DisBeenie Man
No InterviewBounty Killer
Hey Hey HeyPolly Famous
Mate ah RebelMad Cobra
Big UpShaggy and Rayvon
Skin OutScreechy Dan
Murder She WroteChaka Demus and Pliers
Dem ah BleachNardo Ranks
Dancehall QueenChevelle Franklin and Beenie Man
Bad inna YardDaddy Lizard
Ting a Ling a LingShabba
Twice My AgeShabba Ranks
Ah No SinAdmiral Bailey
Number 2Terror Fabulous
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Classic old school Dancehall mix of what many consider the golden era of dancehall music. Featuring songs all Caribbean music fans are familiar with.


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  1. A moment ago
  2. DJ Riddim
    @noyo99 thanks for listening
    March 2014
  3. dommie14
    How can I download or buy the mix? I have tried but doesn't seem to work!
    May 2014
  4. donjuankarey
    VERY GOOD MIX do you have anyhing with the fearless riddim from 96 or 97 i think
    1 year ago
  5. galuak
    You killed the dance floor.The hottest mix this year.HOT THIS YEAR!!!!!!!
    9 months ago
  6. 81209637
    I love this mwaaah uuuuui
    9 months ago
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Mar 2012
April 2013