ChopShop Mix 01-16-2000

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Fun stuff, good music, raw hip-hop, no more music by the suckers....

The ChopShop was a radio show on Wild 94.9 in San Francisco, airing 2-4am on Saturday nights, from 1999-2000, that specialized in raw, uninhibited hip-hop. Hosted by Big Von, and mixed by Scotty Fox, new ground was broken each week, with the boundaries of what was acceptable on commercial radio being cast aside. The motto was "no more music by the suckers", and while the suckers may have won for now, we like to think we did our part to keep the dream alive.

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  1. A moment ago
  2. djbcat
    Yeah ~~ \dj thats the way to drop it !!!! Hot , way hot Fox : ) >~~ great mix ..... its bumpz bro !!!!!
    January 2011
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