Solitary confinement on 8/30/12

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Dont Fuck With FloridaDJ Security Re Edit
uphoric High (Bad Kitty Mix) Tony Faline
Blast Dis (Malicious Mike Remix) D-Zam
Cut The Bass Drop The BassDJ Hero
Hustlin (303'z Remix) Miles Long
Sweet dreams (Tommie Keeston & Dublo Remix) Eurythmics
Touch the sky Sean Paul
Pump Pump (Systemattic's -Pump The Crowd Mix) Snoop Dogg
Niggas In Paris Jay Z, Kanye, Meaux Green
Adrum Drum (Original Mix)Savage Skulls
I.D.G.A.F. (Frenzy Booty Re-Bounce)DJ Slink
ana Get Next To You Big Bass Watch The Club Go (Adam Flurk Mash-Up Break Unknown
AYOO (Mafia Kiss Re-Bounce)Clockwork
CFP Project - Stardate 2055 DJ Icey
Tribute To Florida (Original Mix) Evilsound
Let Freedom RingProphets of Rage
Original Gangster (Original Mix) Agent K
Stereo Punks (KL2 and Flipside Remix) McTwist, Pamela June
Dream 2 Step (Kraymon's Broken Beat Remix)Breaking News
Damaged Plummet
Patron & Kush (Calvertron Kush-Step Mix)Sporty-O
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Thursday 10pmEST live broadcast on Solitary Confinement w/ DJXKhan on the web or on your smart phone through SHOUTcast. Search pick the quality of your stream and bang it. Gremlins shoutcast address

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