Knatty P. meets ilodicA underground...ParT 2

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Arrival Knatty P.
dubPlate Barbes D.
PosiTiVe VibrAtionAbashanti
InspiraTion Disciples
Super PoWerCreAtion Stepper
This is iT! Dub ReVoluTion
CreAtion StepperSelecTor Blu
WanT MoreDennis Brown
BeWare Creole
Kunte KinTeMafia and FluXy
Mama Say Delroy Dwyer
Mamas dub Disciples

Knatty spitting fire, ilOdicA blowing like an angel and the vibes are running .....Second half of this session from Cosies March 2010

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  1. A moment ago
  2. bambamman
    it lay on me brain nice respect
    January 2013
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Mar 2010
September 2012