"itchy feet: a southern-hemi digs tape"

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Nadi beateardr.umz
Come With Me (To My Island)Cheri
Good Evening, Good MorningThe Maori Volcanics
Show The WorldChapta
I Can Feel ItThe Foundations
Do ItPussycat
Don't Give Your Life AwayThe Pink Family
I Dig YouDemis Roussos
Rendevous LP - side 1 - track 3Klaus Wunderlich
RainbathingPacific Eardrum
Des ZauberersEROC
The North WindBarbara Thompson's Paraphenalia
Space RaceMi-Sex
Horrendous DiscDaniel Amos
Let The Sunshine InThe Ray Bloch Singers
Hit Me With SocaQuicksilver
Dead SkunkBulldogs All Star Goodtime Band
Strange MessageLuiz Bonfa
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"Itchy Feet" is a collection of digs from a recent excursion to the other cyde!

ALL VINYL is from and/or dedicated to the Southern Hemisphere.

(except for the intro beat, one of many I created on the iMaschine iphone app during our numerous connecting flights!).

Shouts to Conch Records & Real Groovy Records in Auckland, and the whole southern hemi!


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October 2012
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