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Oriental WindSou Kanai
Sunshine Days (UDM Remix)Global Influence
Es Vedra (Matt Bukovski Remix)Rory Gallagher & Luigi Palagano
Strength To Strength (Original Mix)Solis & Sean Truby
Timeline (Original Mix)Suncatcher & Mihai M pres. Starshifters
Feel For You (Original Mix)Temple One
Falling Away (Sanderland Remix)Hannah
Freefall (Original Mix)Running Man pres. Inca
You Are The Sun (Overthreat Remix)Lunatic feat. Maria
Your Love (Dallaz Project Remix)Aknael & Bekeela feat. Jane Maximova

Welcome to Trancephonic, your one hour of pure uplifting bliss, a creation of warm and fuzzy mind blowing beats. Brought to you by EvaLynn, the upcoming and aspiring trance DJ, who brings creativity and passion to the track selection for each and every episode. Join EvaLynn on Facebook to leave your feedback and thoughts on the show, as well we updates about future appearances at

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Sep 2012
September 2012