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can`t fight the feeling (12" version)geraldine hunt
where is the lovethe delegation
stand upVenueconnection
never stopthe brand new heavies
you and me tonight (original mix)aurra
sure shot (12" version)tracy weber
beseme solvenueconnection
madrid boogievenueconnection
Just how sweet is your love (special long version)Rhyze
love will keep us togetherthe james taylor quartet
ain`t no stopping us now (long version)mcfadden & whitehead
british hustle (12" version)hi tension
swingin` (12" version)light of the world
you can`t have my lovethe jones girls
Southern freeez (12" version)freeez
i wanna knowvenueconnection
let`s dancevenueconnection
hide & seekvenueconnection
and the beat goes on (extended version)the whispers
burn rubberthe gap band
that`s the way i like itkc & the sunshine band
contactedwin starr
instant replaydan hartman
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The Groove Junction radio show with DJ Lee H on Soul Legends Radio first broadcast on 22-9-12

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