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toss it up2pac ft. jodeci
from the ground uptoo short ft. e40,jodeci
rappers balle40 ft. too short,jodeci
royaltygangstarr ft. jodeci
how do you want it2pac ft. jodeci
you bring me up rmxsnoop dogg ft. jodeci
come up to my roomdogg pound ft. jodeci
you got my backbones thugs n harmony ft. jodeci
your everythingbun b ft. rick ross,david banner,8 ball,mjg,jodeci
quik's groove 7dj quik ft. jodeci
i really want to show youbiggie smalls ft. nas,jodeci
freek'n you rmxraekwon ft. ghostface,jodeci
feenin rmxerick sermon ft. jodeci
just ridedanny boy ft. zapp,jodeci

A Mix Of Hip Hop Records Featuring Guest Apperances From The Legendary R&B Group Jodeci


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  2. qwertone
    thxxx! nice 1!
    July 2013
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    !!! :-)
    December 2013
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