Rick West Flavor vol.3 MIXTAPE Series Side A & B Spring 1996



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Flavor vol.3 (Spring 1996) recorded live from vinyl live to DAT.transfered 1:1 from digital master via coaxial S/PDIF, to ensure the best sonic performance.

I started the "Flavor" mixtape series as a way to promote my night "Flavor" at the Parthenon in Tampa, FL. The club opened March 3, 1995 and my night in the main room started March 9, 1995. The "Flavor" night was cancelled along with other nights at the Parthenon shortly after the famous late night grud raid in September 1995. Soon I was working only in the side room at the Parthenon. The club had an incredible hot streak pre-raid. Many people have the fondest memories of the club. The raid may have killed most of the nights , Yet even in post-raid days the Parthenon remained a Monday night favorite in Tampa for quite a long time. Due to the popularity of the first two volumes I decided to continue the Mixtape series even after my night was cancelled. This is the first post-Parthenon mixtape...

Special Thanks to Dean Martin for supplying the original cover design files.

Encoding of this MIXTAPE to .mp3 for use at Mixcrate LLC performed as follows:

-Target: Constant Bit Rate 320 kbps (Writing library : LAME3.99.5) -Encoding: Slow (High Quality) -CRC Error Protection -Forced ISO/IEC 11172-3 Compatibility

Enjoy! -Rick


  1. A moment ago
  2. cmb1273
    This is kickass, I love these old mixtapes, I still have alot of tapes from early santana 128,133,134,and funkngruvin, also rick west flavor 9,10,11, I still got huda hudia eden from which I bought at hammerjacks 95' its kickass to have it digital
    July 2012
  3. WickedBeats
    Another great MixTape!! Now I have another Mix to look for as mentioned above; Huda Hudia EDEN. I think I seen that on the MixCrate list!
    April 2013
  4. DJ Edubb64
    RIP Rick...4ever a Legend!!
    September 2013
  5. jayfizzle007
    So thankful to have access to these old mixes. Lost all my tapes thru the years! Love RW
    3 weeks, 1 day ago
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