Live From Ignition Presented by UNHEDMC 9/2012

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Spy Guy Frydae Intro Frydae
The Unicorn Vip Datsphat
SynthsRobbie Rivera (Rico Tubbs & Will Power VIP)
Music is My Hot Hot SexCss (Kill The Noise Remix)
BashinJWLS (Nada's More Bounce Mix)
Zica Memo Ft FLA ShazaLaKazoo & Chernobyl (Neki Stranac Moombah refix)
RattleBingo Players (Beat Tha Calaveras Remix)
Original Don Major Lazer (JSK Remix)
Tell Me When To GOE40 (El Diablo Re-Edit)
Fresh Prince of B.A.J Rabbit Remix
The WickermanWickerman
Falling DownSub Focus (Kaptain Bootleg)
I Do Lil John (Pance Party Remix)
You Don't Like Me Diplo & LIl Jon (Sabbo Remix)
Spider Will Bailey
This Is It Rogue
Dragon WarriorHappy Feat (Rusty Meeks &Dylan Kennedy Remix)
Dramaton Helicopter Showdown
Keep Rocking High Rankin
IDGAFOS 2.0 Dillon Francis
Masterpiece Dface Remix
Must DestroyFigure (Mackai Remix)
Moomvader (Get Loose)INVADER!
Promises Nero (Skrillex remix Dubtank Moombahcore Remix
LightsEllie Goulding (Swatdojo Remix)
SynthesiaDat Beat (Crowd Control Remix)
Shotgun BlastNoise Twins
Famb DFACE &Mr Vega
MilkshakeKellis (Savant Remix)
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Live from UNHEDMC's Ignition. Performed using the Akai APC40 and MPK25 utilizing my custom racks and mappings along with Izotope's Stutter Edit. This mix is packed with cool tricks and the like sure to impress any controllerist.

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