RNB & Hiphop 7.19.2013

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Niggas In ParisVA
Take It To HeadVA
Whatever You LikeVA
Booty Me DownVA
Beez In The TrapVA
Got Your BackVA
My Dip In Da ClubVA
Right By My SideVA
No SleepVA
Take It Down LowVA
Black & YellowVA
Walk It OutVA
Booty WurkVA

Niggas In Paris, Take It To Head, Whatever You Like, Booty Me Down, Beez In The Trap, Got Your Back, My Dip In Da Club, Right By My Side, No Sleep, Take It Down Low, Black & Yellow, Walk It Out, Booty Wurk

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Jul 2013
August 2013
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