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You're Gonna Love Again (Extended Mix)Nervo
Sparks (Turn Off Your Mind)Fedde Le Grand & Nicky Romero
Llove (Dada Life Remix)Kaskade
Momentum (Michael Calfan Remix)Regi, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike
Reason (Original Mix)Nervo vs. Hook N Sling
Breaking Up (Bartosz Brenes & Tony Romera Remix)Chuckie & Promiseland
Maximal Crazy (Original Mix)Tiesto
Who Is Ready To Jump (Dada Life Remix)Chuckie
Levels (Tocadisco Bootleg)Avicii
Must Be The Love (Original Mix)Arty
My BodyBenny Benassi

First off, I'm really happy that I cut the time between productions from six months to two weeks. I feel like I can stick with this now and make things consistently, which excites me.

With that being said, this mix is only 45 minutes, and took about two hours to make from start to finish. I would like to say that the decrease in time is due to my increasing skills, but really its just because I wanted to have it done in time for a friend's party. After listening to it I don't think much has suffered, length aside so maybe I am getting better after all.

As always, hope anyone listening enjoys it!

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