Shock Therapy 2013 Episode II : Love and Lust

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Dirty SexMelt
Get a Move On - Doorly mixMr. Scruff
Velvet Pants (spare pair mix)The Propellerheads
I Hate MyselfSlamboree
Fuzzy PeachBrillz + Minxx
Overdose - Eniac edit mixTomcraft
What I Want - Kosheen mixWays and Means
Collapsing New People - Westbam mixFad Gadget
Wonky - Lee DM mixOrbital
Smack My Bitch Up - Louis La Roche mixThe Prodigy
Dirty FreakMC Majestic + Micky Slim
Hey Baby - Adam K edit mixMellee Fresh
LLOVE - Dada Life edit mixKaskade
Satisfaction - High Voltage megamixBenny Benassi
Sex PistolSouth Central
When Doves Cry (dovestep mix)Prince
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As performed at Love and Lust, May 25th in Toronto.

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Jun 2013
June 2013
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