Shock Therapy 2014 Episode II: Rock Em Sock Em Rave Pop

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Melting Ice - Chaotic Best mixLadytron
Axis - Boys Noize edit mixPet Shop Boys
Around The World - Kyle Cross mixDaft Punk
Electric Fist !Digitalism
Rhythm of the Night - Jarod Ripley mixCorona
We Listen at Night - Tom Staar mixDave Spoon
No Good - Shapeshifters mixThe Prodigy
Your Love - Morgan Page mixThe Outfield
Your Love - M3 mixThe Outfield
People Are People - 2014 remixDepeche Mode
Born Slippy - 2014 remixUnderworld
Sparks - High Voltage mixBase Face
Devotion - Bingo Players mixNomad
Lady - Juxtapose mixModjo
Vacation - Fukkk Offf mixRedman
Insomnia - Neon Steve mixFaithless
DNA - Ta Ku mixEmpire of the Sun
Robo CorpHeterotic (U-ziq)
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Mar 2014
March 2014
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