The World's End - Music from the Golden Mile era

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Summers MagicMark Summers
Last Train To TranscentralThe KLF
I Want You (Forever) Carl Cox
Self HypnosisNexus 21
Tricky DiscoTricky Disco
The Only Rhyme That Bites808 State vs. MC Tunes
Technotronic MegamixTechnotronic
Jack To The Sound Of The UndergroundHithouse
516 AcidJosh Wink
Step Back In TimeKylie Minogue
Here Comes That SoundSimon Harris
Wickedest SoundRebel MC & Tenor Fly
A Beat Called LoveThe Grid
It's Alright NowThe Beloved
Move Your BodyXpansions
The ChaseModel 500
Out ThereFriends Of Matthew
Olympic808 State
20 Seconds To ComplySilver Bullet
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A selection of music that would have been in the school discos and nightclubs when Gary King and his gang were still together, around the time they first tackled The Golden Mile in the film The World's End. Featuring music in the film by Mark Summers, 808 State vs. MC Tunes, Kylie Minogue, and Silver Bullet.

Only one of the tracks is not actually from the 1988-1991 era: "516 Acid" by Josh Wink was released in 2004, but uses the same sound and format of other tracks from the summer of Acid House (1988).

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