DIZZY - The Baggy Indie Years

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Step OnHappy Mondays
LoadedPrimal Scream
Its OnFlowered Up
Indian RopeThe Charlatans
PhobiaFlowered Up
Altogether NowThe Farm
Groovy TrainThe Farm
Fishes EyesNew Fast Automatic Daffodils
Real,Real,RealJesus Jones
International Bright Young ThingJesus Jones
Every Thing About YouMy Jealous God
Life And DeathWorld Of Twist
The Only One I KnowThe Charlatans
Bring It On DownJesus Jones
BigNew Fast Automatic Daffodils
PerfumeParis Angels
ScopeParis Angels
Blue MondayNew Order
Fine TimeNew Order
Box Set GoThe High
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'Dizzy - The Baggy Indie Years' is a mix of music from the era when the Happy Mondays,The Stone Roses,The Charlatans and New Order were pioneering the Madchester music scene which was huge in the late 80s and early 90s. Floppy hair,baggy jeans,long sleeved t-shirts and floral patterns was the cool look back then and the dancefloors were filled with freaky dancers. This mix was made after that in 1998 when a mate of mine,Burnzy,arrived at my door with a bag of 12" records from back in them crazy days and asked me to put them on a tape for our upcoming trip to the T in the Park music festival. 14 years later I found the 90minute tape in a box full of old C90 mixtapes and have decided to share it with all who partyed hard during them happy,happy daze! Feel free to download and share and if you are on facebook please 'LIKE' the 'Jazzamatazz - Free Dj Mixes' page www.facebook.com/djjazzamatazz and you will be updated on the latest mixes for free download

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  1. A moment ago
  2. Fozzy
    Class ... Takes me back.. Thanks for posting some gems on here..
    October 2012
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