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My Own Worst EnemyLit
Fat LipSum 41
Want You BadThe Offspring
Welcome to ParadiseGreen Day
Right NowSR-71
Scotty Doesn't KnowLustra
Hit or MissNew Found Glory
Monkey WrenchFoo Fighters
Sunday MorningNo Doubt
Beautiful Disaster311
Hash PipeWeezer
Smooth CriminalAlient Ant Farm
Flavor of The WeekAmerican Hi-Fi
All The Small ThingsBlink 182
Get a JobThe Offspring
Flagpole SittaHarvey Danger
Brain StewGreen Day
What's My Age Again?Blink 182
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Red Cups & Kegstands: Cool Stories as Told by Bros... and Gwen Stefani

Shades & Staples/12ftDwende

Jon Reyes - @stankpalmer -

Art Direction & Photography by Patrick Aguilar - @patrick_aguilar -


  1. A moment ago
  2. makeartnotwar
    very cool!
    November 2012
  3. musiclovehey
    not bad
    November 2012
  4. KyLLe87
    Nice one! Thanks for sharing @Jon Reyes
    4 months ago
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