Keep Calm pt. 1

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ChicagoStreet Player (Flaunt Edwards Edit)
Four TetThe Song Everyone Keeps Asking About..
Alessandro NovagaElectronic Drums
Flaunt EdwardsFunky Music
Om UnitVibrations (Machinedrum Remix)
Janet JacksonAnytime
Count TrapulaTrap Time
J DillaExclusive
Med & J.Rocc (Axel F)Searchin
J.Rocc & Roy PorterI'm So High


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  1. A moment ago
  2. Big Speech
    oh shit
    August 2013
  3. Dj Schwartz
    Beat Junkies . .
    August 2013
  4. eLwayzHI
    "WHAT'S GOIN ON MAYNNNN" said COTTON MOUTH. back in the LIVE BAIT days with Ross, DJ WHAT!? yeup, nigz need to wake up like the WAKE UP SHOW days. lol. wohhh any time anywhere? hahaha sits deep on the janet jackson ish. peace, or shall I say ALL oh HAAAA! from LA to HAWAII NEI....ALL DAY! SEEN! SHOUT OUTS TO PHAT BEATS, UNITY MOST NEW PEEPS NEVER SEEN! SEEEEEEN! OUT!
    January 2014
  5. eLwayzHI
    RIP BIGGA B. DEUCE TO UNITY. PEACE TO THE FUNKY PRESIDENT. I MISS THOSE DAYS. PEACE TO THE BJ's. keepin it live...gettin mine like one nine nine nine. late like in the after. fade to black with the sound of laughter. THE MOMMENT I MENTIONED ON THESE LAST POST CAN NOT BE CAPTURED. HIP HOP RAPTURE. SPEAKING TRUTH ON THIS LIKE A COW EATING GRASS ON THE EVERGREEN MEADOW PASTURE. I GOT IT IN A CAPSOUL, PRESERVED FOR THE LIFE AFTER. after after the laughter...I guess comes to.....
    January 2014
  6. DjBryan
    Dope Mix I Promise You Will Enjoy
    January 2014
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Jun 2013
June 2013
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Ableton, All Vinyl, Serato