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Thank you to ALL for making this one of Mixcrate's most popular mixes! All of the continued 'likes', plays, downloads, & comments are greatly appreciated! A huge shout out to Jacob 'Unibrow' for uploading this mix last year & for telling me about this site! Also, big ups to DJ Don Lynch for mastering this mix!

I started mixin slow songs back in the late 80's, & also did a slow song mixshow on Wild 949 called 'Turn Off The Lights' from 1996-2001. I decided to go down memory lane so I created this in 2006 :)

So sit back, relax, & let the 'feel good' vibe take over. This one's Dedicated To You...


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  1. A moment ago
  2. faithfelix2002
    More slow jams mix.majestichris love the way it flows
    8 months ago
  3. krazzykat67
    just NICE!!!!
    8 months ago
  4. bronxnyc3488
    Good Mixing, Great Songs
    7 months ago
  5. rodney67
    Nice one MR DJ.
    4 months ago
  6. 2 weeks, 2 days ago
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