Hip Hop Straight From The Underground

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Crack & PowderKnowitall
Summer BreezeDaryn Alexus
Ordinary Heart Emily king
Daily Routine Joey Badass
Rock my shitCasual
World domination Joey Badass
Society's Lullaby Christian'Dee
Calling For You ft. Chill Moody & K-BetaLyriciss
Sour HourSmoke DZA
Straight upChrisCo Ft Jon Connor & Elzhi
BK AccentMaffew Ragazino (ft. Skyzoo)
ZoomCamp Lo & Ski Beatz
Georgie Burgess Rob Kelly
Stand alone J.Nolan
Show OffK.Sparks
My LifeLyriciss
MakedaLes Nubians
Dear Moleskine (Remix)Whosane
So stupidClosed Sessions
Brownsville Bullies feat. Lil' Fame & Teflon Maffew Ragazino
Average GuyOdd Couple
House ShoesNails feat Qulle Guilty
Raised in Chicago A.K.
WavesJoey Badass
Warriors Tongue Masia One
Get no betterClear Soul Force
Pennyroyaljoey Badass
Back On Up ft. Planet Asia (produced by Statik Selektah)Strong Arm Steady
SupafamNomadic Massive
Flower ChildNitty Scott MC ft Kendrick Lamar
Survival TaticsJoey Badass
We HereIlla J
Blind man various artist
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These are some hip hop tracks that you might not hear on the radio but you should know them. If you love real hip hop and not that commercial bullshit then this is for you.


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