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A live mix originally intended for myself to listen to after DJing a nightclub. I then started to share it with friends and they started to share it as well. RawKulture clothing picks it up and makes it an RK official mix too. So here you go! Just some smooth grooves to chill to. Alot of classic 90's with newer jams sprinkled in here and there. This mix received a 700+ plays and reached its download limit all within 2 weeks on soundcloud! Hope the mixcrate community enjoys it as well. Please share if ya dig it and download too! Shoot me a msg, lets build!

-DJ MIKEY P -Schallhouse crewwww.twitter.com/MIKEYPLAwww.facebook.com/MIKEYPLAalso big ups to www.RAWKULTURE.com

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  1. A moment ago
  2. mikeypla
    thanks for the listens! very much appreciated =)
    July 2011
  3. elpibe09
    too dope man, tooo dope
    December 2011
  4. variants1
    thats what im talking about!
    January 2012
  5. hiphopapotamus
    This makes me all the more excited about my wedding. :))))
    February 2012
  6. houseofflyingvinyl
    Do another!
    6 months ago
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