Moscow Sound Region #42. Beautifully sounded techno

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Olympiada 80 [ Melodiya ]Tonis Magi
Hatliner (Bart Skils Remix) [BluFin ]Marc Depulse
The Cry (Deep Mix) [Say What? Recordings ]Ramon Tapia
The Promise Land [Definitive Recordings ] Mario Ochoa & Vlada Asanin
Hatliner [BluFin ]Marc DePulse
You're Gonna Love Again (Pleasurekraft 'Happily Never After' Remix) [ Astralwerks ]NERVO
Inside My Soul (Holgi Star Remix) [ BluFin ]Pierre Deutschmann
Blinded [Volt9 Records ]Lauge & Rutz
How it Goes [Moda Black ]Jaymo, Andy George
Dont Laugh (2012 Remix) [Saved Records ]Winx vs. Nic Fanciulli
Captain My Captain (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) [ Mobilee Records ]Pan-Pot
Dimmer City [Drumcode ] Patrick Siech
Bodymovin' [Diynamic ]Adriatique
Whooh [MB Elektronics ]Tom Hades
Goodbye Olympic bear [Melodiya ]Lev Leshenko and Valentina Tolkunova

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