New Orleans Bounce Mix ( Back to the Block Party)

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Taking it back to when bounce music was the sh.... But, I have to warn you, some songs have some explicit lyrics so don't play while kids are in the room. Let me know If you like it!


  1. A moment ago
  2. kaylab
    This mix is fire! I would love to make a request of the following songs in no particular order:Buss It Open - DJ DuckShake It Like a Dog - Kane & AblePop That Thang - Bust DownWho Got Dat Fire - Ricky BWhere They At - DJ JimiToot It Up - Kane & AbleYa'll Holla - Rickey BPump the Party - PNCDo the Jubilee All - DJ JubileeGet It Ready, Ready - DJ JubileeShe's Giving Me Love - PrimetimeBack That Ass Up - DJ JubileeWalk Like Ronald - Hot Boy RonaldBack That Ass Up - JuvenilleBall Wit Me - Carmen SandiegoMy Juvie - Magnolia ShortyHomegurl (He Gotta) - BoneDown For My Niggas - C-Murder
    May 2014
  3. 1 year ago
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