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Guten Tag! Yia sou! Hola! Bon Giorno! Bonjour! Hej! Ni hao! Dia Duit! Namaste! Zdravstvuite! Привет! Dobry rano! Ohayou gozaimasu! Shalom! Marhabah! Goedendag! Jambo! Chao! Ahn nyeong ha se yo! Bom dia! Hyvää päivää! ... About me: ╔╦╦╦╦╗ 1974 - (West-)Berlin/Germany born,based and raised DJ since`96! Early inspired by his mother and many other crazee stuff, he began ♫ mixing with down-beat/hip-hop stuff in the early 90?s, than d`n`b ..(because sometim...Read more