OPM Love Songs Nonstop Remix Vol. 1

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Feel free to "DOWNLOAD" it guys THANK YOU:)

I've also included 1 mixtape of DJ Pokloy which is "Kumusta Ka Aking Mahal"


1. Mahal Na Mahal Kita - Brenan Espartinez

2. Mula Sa Puso - Roselle Nava

3. Bakit Nga Ba Mahal Kita - Roselle Nava

4. Kumusta Ka Aking Mahal - Freddie Aguilar (DJ Pokloy Remix)

5. Pasulyap-sulyap - Tootsie Guevarra

6. Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita - Roselle Nava

7. Hindi Na Bale - Bugoy Drillon

8. Kung Malaya Lang Ako - Kris Lawrence

9. Dahil Minahal Mo Ako - Sarah Geronimo

10. Di Ko Kaya - TeenHearts

11. Bakit - Rockstar

12. Walang Kapalit - Piolo Pascual

13. Ako'y Sayo, Ika'y Akin - First Circle

14. Kunin Mo Na Ang Lahat Sa Akin - Formula One

15. Bakit Ka Iiyak - Jeremiah

16. Paano - Jovit Baldivino

17. Panaginip Lamang - Piolo Pascual

18. I Believe - Jimmy Bondoc

19. Nanghihinayang - Jeremiah

20. Ba't Di Mo Pagbigyan - King

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anyways here the link for vol. 2http://www.mixcrate.com/mix/124094/OPM-Love-Songs-Nonstop-Vol-2


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  1. A moment ago
  2. msayay
    awesome mix - great line up of the songs, but whats up with the buzz noise that sounds like a frog - doesnt blend well the mix. Either than that great mix..keep it up!
    January 2013
  3. bugoy31
    Ang pangit naman parang may sinisinok n kalabaw.
    January 2013
  4. flipintn
    The scraping sound is so annoying. Please redo the mix without the scraping sound.
    January 2013
  5. djhugzzz
    sulit idol sarap nito patugtugin while driving my car :)
    March 2013
  6. opcode
    November 2013
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