Riders of the Plastic Groove 01/06/2012

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AmnesiaDouble F.M.
Homo SapiensSpirit of Gypsy
Beginning of LifeMike Perras
Dis PoemMutabaruka
Unleash the GrooveChapter 1
Papa New GuineaFSOL
Always Did, Always WillTralopscinor
Dead Eyes OpenedSevered Heads
Marathon ManAlexis Le Tan
AftershockRhythm Workshop
#1Edge Records
1 in 8FSOL
Stella (FS Mix) Jam and Spoon
Draw Your SwordBurnski
Trance Me UpAchterbahn Di Amor
Energy FlashJoey Beltram
Hot KnivesSlam
The More I WantMalcolm Jones
Show MeMaetrik
Mysterious ChotDan Ghenacia & Sweet Light
Love and LustTok Tok
The SkipperAubrey
SoundscapeKosmic Messanger
EternityClaude Young
M.S.C.DJ Ron
Witch TrialsZecco
Ready? Fight!Jammin Uni
Everything is ChangingRobbie Hardkiss
Audio MechanicADJD
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Riders of the Plastic Groove recorded on 01/06/2012 with guest dj Josh McClintock. 100% pure vinyl set.

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  1. A moment ago
  2. djsmilezslc
    about fucking time yo glad to see some djs still handling it on wax, i cant say enough about how sick a dj is when he plays only wax propz yo i am just about thirty into your mix and so far its trainwreck free and groovable word yo
    January 2012
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January 2012