Riders of the Plastic Groove 01/24/2014

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BasementSkinny Puppy
Agent OrangeAzab & Crybaby J
Never Stray from the PathDrvg Cvltvre
Offender StatusDrvg Cvltvre
Could You Be Loved (Mungolian Jet Set mix)Pizzy Yelliott
Beat N Path (Brennan Green mix)Cage and Aviary
Bad ReputationDrvg Cvlture
Centreville Lapse (Timothy J Fairplay mix)Scott Fraser
ClaireClarian and Guy Gerber
Show Me the Good TimesG&S
Burning SensationsAnthony Mansfield and Nick Chacona
UnmatchedMaurice Fulton
Rimini '80Boys from Patagonia
Needs EndingTry to Find Me
North Shore (Idjut Boys mix)Cantoma
Hetrotopia (Young Marco mix)Michael Ozone
Night NavigatorRichard Sen and Scott Fraser
Keep Holding On (Dr Dunks mix)CSMNT61
Turn Me OnStupid Human
Don't break it (Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White mix)Zev
Calling YouThe Rim Shooters
FlashlightsDaniel Avery
How Do I Love TheeQueen Latifah
The MexicanJellyBean
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Recording from Riders of the Plastic Groove on Friday, January 24, 2014 featuring Josh McClintock.It's been a year since his last performance on our show. However, every time he plays it's always a unique set.

More info about Josh McClintock and RotPG can be found at www.plasticgroove.com.

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Jan 2014
January 2014
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