Riders of the Plastic Groove 02/08/2013

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Sometimes I roll my eyes back to see whatI'm thinkingAsteroid #4
ChoraloneSkinny Puppy
Mona Lisa ODShake Inc
Childs PlayChris Simmonds
Catch the BreakJedi Knights
Hunts UpVisnadi
A Big Sign in a Big CityTrevor Fung
Its Alright (Acapella)Sterling Void
Drop the StickAmnesia
Pump up New YorkMr Lee
Da BestGreen Fridge Music
Groove MeSeduction
Muzik XpressX-Press 2
In Front / Want itNY Connection
Face the MusicBoom Boom and the Master Plan
SearchingT-Cut F
TimeBeat in Time
Running (Remix)Tyrell Corp.
Running (Dub)Tyrell Corp.
Nebula 1Nebula 1
Acid KissSheila
Cool J TraxHouse Gang
Jack My BodyNick "Non Stop"
Ramajam BeatsFaze Action
DeeperADNY and The Persuader
I know You'll Be ThereMaki
Don't Take it AwayAudio Clash
Dangerous on the DancefloorMusto and Bones
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Josh McClintock started Djing in the summer of ’91….. He consider Doc Martin, Jeno, Barry Weaver as his mentors and favorite dj’s….. Josh McClintock’s first big break was playing at a weekly called “Middle Earth†in ’93 with David Alvarado, Markem X, Frank C, and Tom Stimuli…

Josh then went on to make his “Acid Junky†mixtape series which landed him some gigs at Sketch Pad, Metropolis, Riders of the Plastic Groove, Unlock the House (where I opened for Doc 4 or 5 times) and various other underground parties in L.A. and San Diego. In ’96, at the height of my popularity.Josh McClintock decided to follow his father out to NY for business. While his vinyl collection grew to over 10k records… Josh slowly lost touch with the West Coast over the next decade. In 2010 he moved back to L.A. and happily reimmersed myself back in the L.A. underground scene. Still a vinyl purist… And is known these days for playing mostly oldschool sets with a sprinkling of new stuff.


  1. A moment ago
  2. sowelu
    werk it out Josh! Can't wait to rock dex wit ya @ LuvThang on Saturday! woot woot!!!
    February 2013
  3. kittymeow
    January 2014
  4. kittymeow
    U better shake it!!! Tripod is watchin too!!
    January 2014
  5. kittymeow
    Tripod wants u to shake it harder lol
    January 2014
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