Riders of The Plastic Groove 12/06/2013

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Your Everything (Original Mix)Danny Daze feat. Louisahhh!
Decay (Original Mix)Namito, Ramon Tapia
Fading Nights feat. Anna Naklab (Original Mix)Parra for Cuva
Got The Choice (Original Mix)Larsson
You Can Count On Me (Blue Mondays Dub)Pastaboys, Keemani
Collider (Solee Remix)Oliver Lieb
23 Children (Original)Brian Benson, Michael Gull
People (Alex Niggemann Remix)Francys
Simple Things (Original Mix)Sebastien Leger
Long DistanceJohn Daly
SmokeAd Brown
Make Me CrazyBorderline
Signs (Original Mix)Heartthrob
The Falcon (Original Mix)Marco Bailey
Cafe Del Mariachi (Nick Warren Mix)Shiloh
Perlouze (Original Mix)Arnaud Le Texier
VelociraptorTom Laws
JallahJuan Sanchez
Fear Factor (Original Mix)Weekend Heroes
Unknown Mistakes (Original Mix)Big Show
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Mix from Riders of the Plastic Groove that aired on Friday, December 06, 2013 on 88.9fm KUCI in Irvine, CA from 8pm - 10pm.Mix done by Dennis Simms.More info about RotPG at www.plasticgroove.com

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Dec 2013
December 2013