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The Woo Woo'sSpooky Grinder
The Rhythm MachineThe Kick
Cold Fire$$ Kash register $$ Pt.2
Harvey & The PhenomenalsSoul & Sunshine
Abraham and the Metronomes Party
Herman HitsonAin't No Other Way
Reginald Milton & The Soul JetsClap Your Hands
The Blenders Ltd.You Got It All, Ain't No More
Brother SoulFeelin Funky
Charles Pryor and Power Of LoveWhat They Doing (Funkie Junkie)
ApollisWhat It Is
Basic Sounds Of PittsburghDown Beat (Gimme Some Chitt'lins)
The BlendersNothin' But A Party
The 2nd Amendment BandBacktalk
Soul VibrationsThe Dump
The VibrettesHumpty Dump
The Love ExperienceAre You Together For The New Day
Slim & The Soulful SaintsFish Head
Joe Washington & WashBlueberry Hill
The MastersParty Time
Over Night LowThe Witch Doctor (catches "Jungle Fever" )
World WondersFunky Washing Machine
Professor And The Efficiency ExpertsI Gotta Stand For Something
The Chili Peppers (Pazant Brothers)Chicken Scratch
Road RunnersEvery Man For Himself
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Winner of the "Whosampled Funky Runner" mix competition by - Radiolympics 2012

25 heavy duty funk scorchers!

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Jun 2012
September 2012
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All Vinyl, Logic