Kool DJ Red Alert Show Unknown Date 1984-B

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Yo! Little BrotherNolan Thomas
MosquitoWest Street Mob
What Is A DJ If He Can't Scratch?The Egyptian Lover
Five Minutes Of FunkWhodini
Emotions Can Be Serious (Dub Instrumental)Hassan & 7-11
Megamix IIGrandmixer D.S.T.
Request LineRockmaster Scott And The Dynamic Three
[Station ID]Jerry Young
Unity (Parts 1, 2, and 3)Afrika Bambaataa & James Brown
Out In The StreetsCat Claw

Kool DJ Red Alert Show Unknown Date 1984-B

Originally Broadcast on 98.7 Kiss FM New York

Re-broadcast on Studio 89 show, Germany

(29 Minutes, 05 Seconds)


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  1. A moment ago
  2. RudeBoy-MKE
    terminatorx: I need to login more often!! I just saw your posts with the info for my "???" blanks!
    May 2013
  3. RudeBoy-MKE
    Track 2 is "Mosquito" by West Street Mob (Originally listed as two tracks: A) "Hob Scratch" -- Malcolm Mclaren & The World Famous Supreme Team >> And B) "Beat Street Breakdown" -- Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five)Thank You, terminator x!
    May 2013
  4. RudeBoy-MKE
    Track 5 is "Emotions Can Be Serious (Dub Instrumental)" by Hassan & 7-11 (Originally listed as two tracks: A) "Bustin Loose ???" -- ??? >> And B) "???" -- ???) Thank you, terminatorx!
    May 2013
  5. RudeBoy-MKE
    Track 10 is "Out In The Streets" by Cat Claw (Originally listed as "???" -- ??? Thank you, terminatorx!
    May 2013
  6. RudeBoy-MKE
    terminatorx: Track 5 is just "Emotions Can Be Serious"... "Bustin' Loose" by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers is sampled in that. I have been trying to find out who this was since I first heard the track on a Red Alert 98.7 KISS tape in 1984 (not this mix... another tape from 1984)!! Great to finally know what it is! All the blanks are filled for this mix now... thanks for helping out!
    May 2013
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