Have A Nice Skweeevening! (Darkroom Version)

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DarkroomPaul McCartney
Occam's SikhweeeSikh Knowledge
Rêve Du NigerDébruit
The Great FakeV.C. & Mesak
CheeksPeter Drew
Mr. Bagoor DeeZeMauno
Represent The Dead (Fitzroy North Remix)Wigsplitaz
Scarlet Teenager (Fulgeance Remix)Stickem
Tropicool Dog FreezerKodek
What Four?Duke Slammer
Theme From 'Only Built 4 Neon Nites'Lockah
Linear StrutOpolopo
1 Thing (Manfins Remix)Amerie
Tom’s Diner (Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble’s Remix)Suzanne Vega
Retro Return (Extended Version)Naive Machine
10 RockRandy Barracuda
V-FunkMC Ren
Timeless ConceptsZerolex
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If you ever find yourself on the dancefloor at Hamburg's Golden Pudel Club, immersed by bleepy, freaky and funky sounds that make your body itch and twitch so much you cannot help but shake what yo momma gave ya - you just might be having a nice Skweeevening.

"Have A Nice Skweeevening" is Hamburg's first and only club night that features live sets by the best musicians and producers of the Skweee movement, along with DJ sets by the hosts Digital Norman (Sounds Outta Range/ByteFM) and Andi Otto (Pingipung), as well as special guests.

What the hell is this Skweee thing, you ask? Well, music speaks louder than words, so we advise you to listen to this mix first and foremost - and then read the info provided here: skweee.com/about-2

Digging it? Support the Skweee labels by buying some 7-inches and digital tunes! Come to our Skweeevenings at the Pudel Club (pudel.com/programm.php) or look for Skweee events in your town! Listen to more mixes by Digital Norman (snd.sc/10NAueF) and Andi Otto (snd.sc/Z3VeBJ)!

PLEASE NOTE: This is the original version of the mix - a 40 seconds shorter version that's missing the McCartney intro can be found on Soundcloud.

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Official Release Date
Apr 2013
April 2013