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A slow jam medley from back in the days when slow jams were love songs and the love songs were classic...

If you feel like they don't make slow jams like they used to, then this one is for you...

I have no idea how or why many of you have the original short edit of this mix, but by the time I finally "officially" released it to the world I had almost doubled its content, I re-edited it for sound quality, and I resequenced all the beats...

I hope you all fall in love (again) with this one!


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  1. A moment ago
  2. peggomama
    Hi!! You helped Kaba AND TOMO!!!! =) Hugs!
    7 months ago
  3. hobbangr
    Can I get this in 320 or lossless?? Good times...
    3 months ago
  4. tweeyster
    John, do you happen to have this mix on Soundcloud somewhere?
    3 months ago
  5. The Beat Worx
    Doesn't it download from here at 320?
    3 months ago
  6. joelmix007
    Your Work is OUTSTANDING!!! The most beautiful mix.. Eveeeeeeer!
    2 months ago
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