The New Jack Swing Dimension Vol.1

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You Called & Told MeJeff Redd
Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Knife Feel Good Mix)Jane Child
Is It Good To You (Hip Hop Version)Teddy Riley feat. Tammy Lucas
Dr. Soul (Extended Version)Foster Mc Elroy feat. MC Lyte
Feels GoodToni Toni Tone
Somebody For Me (LP version)Heavy D. And The Boyz
Just Got PaidJohnny Kemp
She's Got That Vibe (Up All Night, No Sleep, Till Bedtime Mix)R. Kelly
Here We Go Again (Till You Drop Edit) Portrait
I Like Your Style (Extended Vocal Version)Bubba
Rub You The Right Way (J.G. Classic)Johnny Gill
I Got That Feeling (12" Version)Today
Groove Me (Extended Version)Guy
Motown Philly (12" version)Boyz to Men
Just Another Girl FriendHi-Five
PoisonBell Biv Devo
Do Me! (Mentality Hip Hop mix)Bell Biv Devo
I'm Not SouppedTroop
I Wanna Get With UGuy
Crazy (12"Mix)The Boyz
New Jack SwingWrecks-N-Effect
That's My Attitude (12" Hip Hop remix)Troop
My Prerogative (Extended Remix)Bobby Brown
So You Like What You See (Remix)Samuelle
Make You Sweat (Extended Version)Keith Sweat
I Want Her (Extended Version)Keith Sweat
Word To The Mutha! Bell Biv Devo
Remember The TimeMicheal Jackson
Your Sweetness (instrumental)The Good Girls
I Need Your LoveThe Good Girls
You Can Call Me CrazyGuy
That's The Way Love IsBobby Brown
SeriousLa Rue
I Surrender (instrumental)Love & Laughter
I Little Bit of Love (Is All It Takes) Extended VersionNew Edition
On Our Own (Extended Club Version)Bobby Brown
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